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    National Resources

    Here are some handy links to National and Regional Venturing Resources


    Guide to Safe Scouting [CLICK HERE]

    Online Training [CLICK HERE]

    National Shooting Sports Manual [CLICK HERE]

    Special Awards

    There are several special awards that can be earned by Venturers.


    Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award

    While working on the Ranger Shooting Sports elective, Venturers are required to complete one of the following disciplines: air pistol, air rifle, archery, muzzle-loading rifle, shotgun, or small bore rifle. However, Venturers who gobeyond the basic requirement and complete five of the seven disciplines will earn the Venturing Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award. This beautiful medal and certificate are sponsored by many companies and organizations in the shooting sports industry to recognize outstanding achievement in shooting sports.


    Aquatic Opportunities

    There are a set of special aquatics awards available to Venturing scouts to earn. The basic requirements are outlined here

    Interpreter Strip

    Scouts and Adults may qualify to wear an Interpreter strip for proficiency in another language. National stocks some 40 common languages. Patches for uncommon bonafid languages can be special ordered. Examples:

    • American Sign Language
    • Deutsch
    • Espaol
    • Italiano

    Youth and adults may wear this strip if they show their knowledge of a foreign language or the sign language for the hearing impaired by:

    1. Carrying on a five-minute conversation in this language.
    2. Translating a two-minute speech or address.
    3. Writing a letter in the language (does not apply for sign language).
    4. Translating 200 words from the written word.