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Shooting Sports

    The crew has a second interest and focus on marksmanship in the shooting sports program. Venturing youth are allowed to go beyond the .22 cal rifle and shotguns allowed in the Boy Scout program to include semiautomatics, center fire rifles, pistols, revolvers.  Our adult advisors and consultants are NRA certified instructors for handgun, shotgun, rifle and black powder.

    Here are some NRA postal match forms which our crew members may choose to compete in on a national level.

    For our female youth and adults, there is a special postal match Women on Target.

    Shooting sports also provides an avenue toward college scholarships and grants.



    NRA 50ft .22cal rifle competition target is the NRA/USAS-50 with 10 target bulls eyes and 2 practice bulls eyes

    NRA 10 meter (33 ft) Air rifle competition targets are AR 5/1, AR 5/5 and AR 5/10