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    Venturing provides a number of avenues for our youth to gain leadership experience. The crew has officer positions such as Crew President, Vice Presidents for Administration, Vice President for Program, Scribe, Treasurer and Quartermaster. Additionally, youth are encourange to take up the leadership roles for any activities we plan, from ice cream socials to multi-day super activities.

    Beyond the home crew, the youth have opportunities for venturing leadership positions at the local council, area (e.g Southern California), region (e.g. 7 western states), and national levels where they can gain valuable experience and are mentored by qualified high level business leaders, often the director, vp and CEO levels.

    Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews

    At the crew level we offer the Intoduction to Leadership Skills for Crews, a half day training session which introduces Be-Know-Do leadership, EDGE method, and an overview of the crew positions and responsibilities.

    National Youth Leadership Training

    Our crew was founded on an active interest and participation in White Stag Leadership Camp in Monterey, CA and the National Youth Leadership Training programs.  Our crew youth and adults have been staffing OCBSA NYLT since 2011 and longer.

    National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience

    he new National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) is an exciting new program where young men enhance their leadership skills in the Philmont Backcountry. Scouts will expand upon the team building and ethical decision making skills learned in National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT). NAYLE uses elements of the Philmont Ranger Training as well as advanced Search and Rescue skills to teach leadership, teamwork and the lessons of selfless service. NAYLE will offer Scouts an unforgettable backcountry wilderness experience where they live leadership and teamwork, using the core elements of NYLT to make their leadership skills intuitive.

    NYLT Leadership Academy

    Premiere leadership training for NYLT youth staff nationwide.The NYLT Leadership Academy trains youth staff to be world-class leaders, presenters and evaluators of their council National Youth Leadership Training course.

    Wood Badge

    Many of our crew adults also have Wood Badge course and staffing experience. Wood Badge is an outstanding leadership course that has reach and application far beyond our Scouting lives and activities.  Several of our Venturing youth have also been invited to participate as youth rangers on Wood Badge courses.

    Kodiak Challenge

    Another adventure based challenge is available to Venturing youth via the Kodak Challenge.  This leadership course is not done in camp, but on a 5 day adventure outing, be it a backpacking trek, canoe trek, or even a road trip or international experience.  The Kodiak Challenge teaches and re-enforces these five basic leadership skills in a practical way:

    • Communication
    • The Stages of Team Development
    • Inclusiveness
    • Values and Ethical Decision Making
    • Servant Leadership (Includes Leadership Styles

    Powder Horn High Adventure Skills Resource Course

    The Powder Horn course is designed to help the troop, team, or crew by exposing older Scouts, Venturers, and adult leaders to safely conducted outdoor/high-adventure activities of a fun and challenging nature. The course provides an introduction to the resources needed to successfully lead youth through a program of outdoor adventure and is based upon giving participants an exposure to some outdoor/high-adventure activities. The course presenters are expert consultants, from inside and outside of Scouting, in each outdoor high adventure activity. It is not a certification event. It is for any youth or adult interested in experiencing a unit-level, high-adventure program. The purpose of a Powder Horn course includes::

    •   Safe participation in fun and challenging outdoor activities.
    •   An introduction to resources, including expert local consultants, that can improve a unit's program.
    •   Exposure to new and exciting high-adventure activities Award.
    •   Help in delivering the promise at the unit level.
    •   Promoting youths' and adults' creativity when delivering high-adventure programs.