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    The Venturing program of the Boy Scouts of America has a collection of advancement and recognition opportunities as one of the methods of scouting.
    New for 2015 is the revised leadership advancement track which replaces the Bronze, Gold and Silver awards system. The new Venturing awards are titled:

    • Venturing Award
      • Award Focus: Joining

        • Commitment to a new experience

        • BSA training on personal safety

    • Discovery Award
      • Award Focus: Participation

        • Small-group management skills training

        • Earn first-aid and CPR certifications

        • Goal-setting training

        • Time-management training

        • Minimum of 24 hours of service

        • Establish and achieve at least one personal goal, including peer and advisor review

    • Pathfinder Award
      • Award Focus: Leadership

        • Project management training

        • Plan and lead at least one crew activity of one day or longer

        • Serve in elected leadership position for six months or more

        • Experiential training in conflict resolution, communications, group dynamics, cooperation, and ethical controversies

        • Plan and lead activity to enhance crew sustainability

        • Plan and participate in service of 36 hours or more

        • Establish and achieve two personal goals

    • Summit Award
      • Award Focus: Mentoring

        • Mentoring and coaching skills training

        • Mentor a crew member in planning and leadership of crew activity

        • Serve in elected leadership position for six months

        • Lead the delivery of small-group management skills and training

        • Complete advanced leadership training

        • Plan, develop, and give leadership to community service project

        • Complete goal development and planning for all realms of personal growth

        • Create personal code of conduct for review by peers and adult advisors

        • Lead and guide ethical controversy and conflict resolution discussion with crew

    The other field of interest awards remain basically the same except that the Bronze level has been eliminated and all the same requirements must be completed to achive the top level awards (except Sea Scouting maintains it system of 4 grades)

    • Ranger (Outdoor high adventure)
    • Quest (Sports)
    • Trust (Religious Life)
    • Quartermaster (Sea Scouts)