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    The crew has expressed an interest in two primary fields of activities: Leadership and Shooting Sports.

    Shooting Sports

    Shooting sports is a great personal discipline, skill and technical knowledge course that is also a college sport eligible for 4-year scholarships. We'll explore a variety of shooting styles, and types.

    • Sun, April 28 - "The Cowboys" Single Action Shooting Society event in Norco. Free for youth. DETAILS...
    • Sun, May 12 - Marksmanship program at Phoenix Club using 10 meter air rifle/air pistol. Free for youth. DETAILS...
    • Memorial Day Weekend - Campmasters at Lost Valley. Youth can be apprentice Rangemasters at the BB-gun, .22 cal, shotgun or archery ranges. Free for staff.
    • Sat Jun 8 - Battle for Goat Hill - Shootout at Burro Canyon. Fun and Competition shooting event for Costa Mesa crews and troops.
    • Sun Jun 9 -  Marksmanship program at Phoenix Club using 10 meter air rifle/air pistol. Free for youth. DETAILS...
    • Aug or Sep - Rendezvous - 1800's Mountain man reenactment camp. Black powder shooting


    The crew has a strong presence in the council NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) course and Wood Badge with all youth members trained and most adults trained. Several of the youth and adults also serve on the course staff each year.

    Upcoming Leadership events are:

    • May 3-5 Jamboree Shakedown. NYLT staff are providing the initiative and leadership games.
    • May 11 Scout-O-Rama - NYLT booth
    • May 17-19 - NYLT SD3
    • June 1 - NYLT Mandatory downhill meeting
    • June 21-27 NYLT Week at Lost Valley

    For more information on these programs please visit the official pages:

    Our current and former crew members can also be found staffing scouting camps at Newport Sea Base, Lost Valley, Emerald Bay and the Outdoor Education Center.

    Social Activities

    The crew occasionally plans other fun social activitities inbetween such as bonfires, go cart racing, and bowling nights.

    • Mon, May 13 - Fender Bender - K1-Speed cart racing challenge for "Best Crew"  DETAILS...